Tips and Advice

There are 120 individual plots on the Green Wrythe Lane Allotment site which has been established for many years. There is a diverse range of characters who, over time, has built up a vast bank of knowledge unique to the micro climate of the site. Below you will find some of the choice snippets of that wisdom.

  • Black Fly Take a large handful of old butts, or a ounce of so of rolling tobacco and add it to 3 or 4 litres of water. Leave for a couple of days and then strain off the liquid. Spray the nicotine water on to your plants and your Black Fly will be gone
  • Green Fly Make up a medium solution of Epsom Salts and Water and spry your plants. The Green fly will be gone with no harm to your plants.
  • Caterpillars Soak your young cabbage or broccoli plants (brasilicas) in a medium solution of salty water. The salt will be absorbed into the plant making it unpalatable to caterpillars. As the plant grows the salt is expunged in time for you to eat them
  • Slugs Other than slug pellets, copper tube or bands seems to be he only things that work.
  • Broad Beans Start them in late Autumn (October/November) under a fleece, by the time the Black Fly come around in the late spring the plants will already to too tall to be effected to any great deal. A second crop can be started, in which case a tobacco wash, as detailed above, will be required.
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